Beachy Halloween

Beachy Halloween

Our sea turtle pumpkin

 Halloween at the Beach

Gordon with our Pumpkin.

Halloween is great anywhere but there is just something special about Halloween at the beach.  It takes on a different kind of feeling, but a good one.  Factor in the sand and surf and sunset, and you’ve got quite a unique evening ahead of you.  How about a sea turtle pumpkin?

Our Beachy Pumpkin

It was a beautiful sunset.

Of course the Sunset was ORANGE!!

It would have been a crime to be any other color this night.

It isn’t a perfect sunset without some Beach House wine.


Beachy Halloween How -To, 2014

Over the weekend we spent some time out at the condo.  The pumpkin above is what Gordon and I carved, o.k., it was “mainly” Gordon.  🙂  Hey, I come up with the ideas and he implements them.

We spent Saturday carving the pumpkin.

I like it when all the goo and mush has been removed and the artistic inspiration starts.

It just isn’t pumpkin carving season without something hearty simmering on the stove.  So I thawed out some of my Brunswick Stew that I had made earlier this year and baked some corn muffins to go with it and that was what we had for dinner.

Brunswick Stew Simmering on the Stove

Ahhh, life just doesn’t taste any better than this.  🙂

Sunday Evening Sunset


Halloween Beach

A ghostly white rock that I found on the beach.  A bone that I found on the beach that I painted the word “drinks” on.  Also a broken shell that houses Gordon’s sharks teeth that he finds quite frequently on the beach.  He just has that knack.


To the left, a ghost bowl that I added some lovely wine crackers to.  To the right some of our pumpkin martini cocktails rimmed with graham crackers.  Positively delicious!!  Kind of like drinking a pumpkin pie.

Beachy Halloween Setting

Just add some sharks teeth, a crooked sea branch, some shells, some candles and some black sand from Hawaii. (If you’re lucky)!











I found the black sand on The Big Island of Hawaii.  I  love it!  It’s perfect!  Beautiful black sand.  Not to mention my lovely Halloween plates and mugs that were a gift from my Canuck friend Sherry, up north.  I love using them.


All that I used to make my ghost rock was a black sharpie marker.  Now I have a nice ghostly paperweight.

Happy Halloween!


What About a Beach Themed Pumpkin?

Here I brought out my seashells, my driftwood, sea grass, paper roses, candles and star fish.  I didn’t have time to carve, but I did have time to glue.  Hot glue, that is.  I like the results.

A Happy Pumpkin
Top and bottom:  An old oil painting that I bought at an estate sale for $4.00 that I love!  The colors are perfect for this time of year.  My paint palettes and brushes.  All lit by candle light.
Can you spot the acorn squash?
Always keep a close eye on your candles when you have them burning.  I was particularly nervous about my candles being surrounded by all the dry seas grass.  So I never left the room. 
Happy Halloween!