Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window

Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window


Rear Window


Julie Lancaster-Whann


Gordon S. Whann


 This was our Rear Window Halloween, our homage to Alfred Hitchcock.

We had a great time doing it and that is all that matters.


Rear Window Dress Rehearsal

Me, as Grace Kelly in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window

Grace Kelly as Lisa Freemont

“A preview of upcoming attractions”.

Grace Kelly quote as Lisa Freemont in Rear Window.



Alfred Hitchcock’s

Rear Window

Starring James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Wendell Corey, Thelma Ritter and Raymond Burr.

Alfred Hitchcock was the first director to put his name before his movies.


Our Rear Window Halloween

In  2014, Gordon and I decided to reenact my favorite Alfred Hitchcock movie, Rear Window.  Gordon as Jimmy Stewart’s character,  L.B. Jeffries and me, as Grace Kelly’s character, Lisa Freemont.

To me the most important part is Grace’s entrance into the apartment in her haute couture gown.  She is beautiful, classy, refined, smart, extravagant, and everything that I wanted to be like when I first saw this movie when I was in my early 20’s.  I knew that in order to reenact this I needed to first have “the” skirt.  I originally intended to sew it myself but never had the time.  Not that I am a great seamstress but I figured I could throw something together.  Turns out I did not have the time or the skill, and had to hunt down a dressmaker to do it for me.

  I found Mona, my own Edith Head, and she did a wonderful job.


I hired my own dressmaker to create my version of The Skirt in Rear Window

worn by Grace Kelly in the photo.

I would say that Grace outdid me where the modeling was concerned.

THE Skirt

 Here is Mona’s sketch that she drew.  She is quite talented.  I feel as if I have found my own Edith Head.

Mona of Signature Tailor of Tampa

11901 Sheldon Road

Tampa, Florida  33626

This is the cutest dress shop/alterations store around and in the cutest little strip mall.  I will definitely be back.

My Skirt, above.  Edith Head’s Skirt, below.

X RW Entrance Dress

X grace-kelly-rear-window-dress_small

I adore the skirt!  I bought the material at Joanne’s Fabrics, I even found the emblems there as well.  It was the closest thing I could get to Grace’s skirt that was originally made for her by Edith Head, the award winning designer and seamstress.


Grace wearing my sunglasses and my pearls.


I bought the black top and shoes at Steinmart, I ordered the black patent leather belt online and I already had the gloves, purse and pearls.  The pearls were my Great-Grandmother Honnie’s.

Grand Entrance

I was hoping that my entrance would be as grand as Grace’s.



The Montrachet

(I do my homework.  Although that isn’t a bottle of Montrachet.)


Lisa and Jeff getting ready to eat their lobster dinner.

We could never quite figure out what is beside the lobster.  At first we thought it was some shredded potatoes or some kind of fried onions.  We decided to just make some thin shoe string potatoes instead.

Our Lobster

Gordon simply sliced the fresh lobster in half, cleaned out the yellow mustard looking innards, and baked the lobster on a baking tray at 350’F for about 20 min. 

While it was baking, he basted the lobster meat with a mixture of butter and garlic, which he melted together in a small pot on the stove.

Gordon as Jeff, waiting for dinner as I set the table.

Serving our lobster dinner.

Happy Alfred Hitchcock Halloween


I loved being Grace.

 Although I don’t think pugs were in the original Rear Window.



Here Lie The Bones of L.B. Jeffries

Spying on Lars Thorwald

Calling Detective Doyle

Gordon’s only costume change was pajamas.


Gordon Carved the Pumpkin

Beautiful Grace
My Rear Window Halloween Props and Accessories
Shoes, Gloves and Purse
The Black Dress
This was the closest thing that I could find to Edith Head’s black dress that she made for Grace Kelly in Rear Window. 
X Black dress rear window_small
I bought it online from a vintage prom dress store.
A Gift To Me From Me

The Grace Kelly doll from Rear Window.

My favorite Alfred Hitchcock movie.


Dinner and a Movie at Home

Our Alfred Hitchcock wine glasses that Gordon and I painted at an art class. 

They look really good!

Saturday Night Spooketti Dinner

Green food coloring in the pasta water is all that it takes.

Now what else would I be watching????

Rear Window, of course!


Good Evening,

Julie and Gordon


the gift of Grace_small

The Gift of Grace

I gave my niece Kate ‘the gift of Grace’ a few years ago.  I was introducing her to this movie and her career with Alfred Hitchcock. 

It was perfect!