The Tower of Terror

The Tower of Terror

Welcome to The Hollywood Tower Hotel

Where you are entering……..


Gordon and Julie Hollywood Ghosts_small

The Twilight Zone

Do, do do do, Do, do do do, Do, do do do……….

“You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone!”

                                               Rod Serling

Da, da, da, da, DAH!

I do love me some ghosts_small

Beware of ghosts wandering the halls.


Julie ghosts and rose_small

The Twilight Zone’s Hollywood Tower of Terror

at Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida


They say it is haunted by ghosts……


The beautiful gardens surrounding the hotel. 

Statuary everywhere.

  All the intricate designs, the architecture, and the beautiful bougainvillea. 

The Tower of Terror is a ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  It is also my most favorite ride ever. 

I love everything about it.  The beautiful tall building, the architecture, the grounds and it’s beautiful flora and fauna, the ‘Twilight Zone’ story to it, the beautiful set decorations inside and outside, the ‘ghostly’ beings, the once beautiful old Hollywood Hotel theme, the bell hops, and the falling elevator thrill ride.  I could ride it over and over again.  It is a ride that cannot injure you.  It’s just pulling you up and then down.  A tickling in your stomach, that’s all.

The Lobby

Care to check in?

Would you like a bell hop to carry your bags to your rooms?

How about some tea?

 Old Hollywood glamour, set in the 1940’s, swanky hotel, bell hops, ghosts, vintage luggage, cobwebs all around, falling elevators, lightening strikes and of course this all takes place in…….


Right this way, please.  You’ll be in room 1313.


This is my Homage to Twilight Zone’s Tower of Terror

Gordon and Julie Hollywood with fog_small

Gordon and Julie Checking in

This is my grandmother’s vintage luggage.  The fur (fake) coat once belonged to my mother in her youth.  The vintage purse I found at a thrift store along with the poodle.  The black gloves were also my grandmothers.

Just ring the bell and someone will help you.


The vintage travel alarm clock above belonged to my mother when she was young.  It ticks very loudly and the ring is so annoyingly loud that you just wonder how she could have gotten any sleep with that thing next to her all night.

Care to wait in the lobby?

Dead flowers lobby_small white ladys_small

Can I offer you a White Lady?

White Lady Toast_small

May I offer you a cocktail?

How about my favorite drink, A Lady in White?

Julie with ghosts on dress_small

Powder room_small

Don’t forget to pick up a little souvenir snow globe of the hotel in the lobby gift shop on your way out.

Now just take the elevator up to your room.

And remember…..

Gordon and Julie Hollywood Hotel

No one ever checks out!

You have now entered The Twilight Zone……..

Da, da da da DAH!

The Tower of Terror at night is just as exciting and beautiful as it is in the daytime.



Beware the Lady in White

Julie ghostly fog and cadleabra_small

You can always hear her screams.

Julie white lady scream_small

Happy Halloween