Silver Springs, Florida and The Creature From The Black Lagoon

Silver Springs, Florida and The Creature From The Black Lagoon

Julie taking photos_small

(Julie Taking Photos in the Kayak)


Our Field Trip to Silver Springs, Florida

Alligator swimming_small

Silver Springs is located in Ocala.  Known as ‘The Gateway to the Ocala National Forest’.

background option 2_small

Silver Springs State Park has been a national landmark since the 1870’s.

Florida’s First Tourist Attraction

beautiful turtle_small

It is known for it’s beautiful spring waters and of course, the glass bottom boat rides.

glass bottom boat ride_small


Mary Keith and Julie Silver Springs Florida 1967

Mary Keith and Julie

I first visited Silver Springs when I was 6, with my mother, her friend Bettye, and her daughter Lynn who was also my age.

Julie and Lynn Glass Bottom Boats


Julie and Lynn

You can see the glass bottom boats in the background in the lagoon.


 Julie and Lynn SS F Julie and Mary Keith SS F

My Mother Mary Keith is in the photo with me, to the right.

could this be the same bridge_small

Am I standing on the same bridge as I did above 49 years later?

Or is this is 2_small

Or is this it?

Silver Springs Florida

(I can’t believe that Lynn and I are so close to a spring full of alligators.)  🙂


Silver Springs is a beautiful state park that is home to many of Florida’s wildlife, Flora and Fauna.

I want this in my yard_small and I want this one in my yard as well_small

Alligator’s, Snakes, Turtles, and even Monkey’s

Julies alligator photo_small

I do love the turtles_small

background option 7_small

beautiful mother and child_small

my beautiful monkey family_small


Recently Gordon and I decided to spend the day at Silver Springs State Park and we had the most wonderful time.

We took the 90 minute glass bottom boat ride and saw countless alligator’s, turtles, birds, and monkey’s. 

Gordon Julie Dual_small

I was able to proudly pay for my very first SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNT ticket. 

I’m 55 and I LOVED IT!

Our boat ride pic_small

On our Glass Bottom Boat Ride

(We love playing tourist.)

glass bottom boat_small

We then walked around the park taking in all the beauty and we even saw two snakes. 

Gordon eating his grapes_small

There are Picnic Tables Everywhere

Julie and the crepe myrtle_small

Julie and the Crype Myrtle

crepe myrtle_small

In the afternoon we rented kayak’s and even had a picnic lunch while kayaking the beautiful park.

alligators are in this swamp_small Gordon at Silver Springs_small


For more info on the park go directly to the website.

For the most current information about the parks activities, events, and programs…….


Or call (352) 236-7148.


So exactly where does ‘The Creature from the Black Lagoon’ enter into this? 

Because this is where that old classic movie was filmed in 1954.

IMDB Creature From the Black Lagoon Link

poster in trunk_small

Right here in Silver Springs, Florida.

Starring Julie Adams and Richard Carlson


Our Creature from the Black Lagoon mugs_small Julie CFTBL mug_small

Starting the Day Off With our Morning Coffee

We Better Get Going!


Destination Black Lagoon_small

GPS Destination:  Black Lagoon

Touring the springs_small Guide Book_small

Touring The Springs Of Florida

Silver Springs

I always have a guide book with me, and GPS of course.

Gordons driving_small on our way to SS_small

Gordon is Driving and I’m Riding Shotgun

old vintage postcards I bought_small old photographs of my first trip to Silver Springs_small

Old Vintage Postcards, Old Photographs….

Photos from my youth at Silver Springs

Vintage postcards_small Silver Springs postcards_small

My Old Vintage Postcards of Silver Springs

(I’m just immersing myself in the past, present, and beauty of the springs that we are about to enjoy.)

Silver Springs water tower_small


Oh well, looks like we’re here.

pointing the way_small

Silver Springs to the left, Wild Waters to the right.

(I do have to say that Wild Waters is a pretty run down water park.)

Gordon getting things out of the trunk_small

Gordon Getting What we Need from the Trunk

There is a large parking area, we were able to park up close to the entrance.

We were here on a Sunday and got here by 10:00 a.m. and it really was a perfect time to arrive.



Welcome To Silver Springs

1_small  3_small

Gordon Heading Toward the Entrance

fountain at entrance_small

The Fountain Outside the Entrance

Admission to the park was just $2.00 per person.  They also stamp your hand to allow you to re-enter the park if you need to get things out of your automobile, or if you rent any of the canoe’s or kayak’s.


Florida’s Silver Springs State Park 2016

Welcome to_small

Hey Gordon, Look out for that SNAKE!!

Gordon looking for that snake_small Snake slitherinng into the bushes_small

Right on Cue!

Just a word on snakes.  We need them!  They keep the rodent population down.  This is a black racer and not a poisonous southern snake.  There are good snakes, and bad snakes.  Familiarize yourself with both so that you know which ones to avoid at all costs.


Swamp Mix to Munch on in the Park

(See Recipe Below)

picnic table_small

got the swamp minx_small my swamp mix to munch on_small

Make sure that you take with you, some food to munch on, sun glasses, sunscreen, bug spray, (although we didn’t need any), and plenty of water to drink, also a hat or visor.

green grapes hit the hot spot_small

Nice cool and refreshing green grapes for this very hot day.

a bit of nostalgia_small

And a Bit of Nostalgia

I wanted to locate some of the areas where I once stood here so many years ago.

old set from Sea Hunt_small

Found a Shady Spot

(There are actually lots of shady spots.)

eating my swamp mix_small

Me, Munching on my Swamp Mix

I’m standing in an old Hollywood set where Sea Hunt was filmed.

Sea Hunt starred Lloyd Bridges and it ran from 1958 – 1961.

We were told by our tour guide on our glass bottom boat ride, that Lloyd Bridges was so scared of the snakes that he didn’t do much of the scuba diving in the movie.  They got a stunt man to do it for him.

old set from Sea Hunt 2_small

Look at the Blue Springs

Alligator swimming sign_small


Silver Springs First People

Silver Springs First People_small

statue of Oceola_small



Julie Silver Springs_small

Osceola was born as Billy Powell and became an influential leader of the Seminole Indians in Florida.  He was of mixed parentage.  He was Creek, Scotch-Irish, and English, and he was raised as a Creek by his mother.  The tribe had a matrilineal kinship system.  They migrated to Florida when Billy was a child, with the other Red Stick refugees, after their defeat in 1814 in the Creek Wars.

In 1836, Osceola led a small band of warriors in the Seminole resistance during the Second Seminole War, when the United States tried to remove the tribe from their lands in Florida.  He became adviser to Micanopy, the principal chief of the Seminole from 1825-1849.  Osceola led the war resistance until he was captured in September 1837 by deception, under a flag of truce, when he went to a US fort for peace talks.  Because of his renown, Osceola attracted visitors as well as leading portrait painters.  He died a few months later in prison at Fort Moultrie in Charleston, South Carolina, of causes reported as an internal infection or malaria. 

As taken from:


The Beautiful Springs

background 1_small

You will see lots of boating whether they be private boats, rentals, or the glass bottom boats.

Our charming boat captain_small

Our Charming Boat Captain on our Glass Bottom Boat

life jackets on our glass bottom boat_small

Life Jackets

Although none of us were wearing the life jackets, they have plenty located right above us in the boat.

background option_small

Boaters tend to acknowledge other boaters as a courtesy.  By doing so you are acknowledging their presence, thus letting them know that you see them, and will not run into them.  🙂

background option 6_small

You will see lots of alligator’s swimming by.  We must have seen about 30 or more.

background option 2_small

My Alligators


Renting The Kayaks

Gordon renting our kayaks_small

You can rent them by the hour or by the day at the park.  Single kayaks, double kayaks, and canoe’s. 

The Kayak’s are Easier to Maneuver

the boat rental at Silver Springs_small Gordon steadying himself_small

This is the Kayak Launch

I do have to say that no one gave us any instructions whatsoever on how to maneuver the kayak’s.  I was listening closely to one of the guides that was hired by a family, so that I knew what to do.  Gordon however, was paying and missed out on those instructions.  He almost tipped over.  🙂

Julie in the kayak_small

I was so spooked by all the alligator’s in the spring that when a dragon fly landed on my hand I screamed bloody murder!

Gordon thought a gator got me.  Nope, just a dragon fly.  🙂

Julies alligator photo_small Julies alligator close up_small

I am very proud of these photos that I took.

It’s wonderful seeing these mini-dinosaurs in their natural habitat.

and this one_small alligator at SS_small

Treat them with the greatest of respect.

this one too_small alligator slider_small

venturing out into the springs_small

large alligator_small look out for those gators_small

Gotta Look Out for Those Gators

swimming away_small

two gators on a log_small

Two Alligators on a Log

typical site gator in the water_small

Alligators Always Swimming By

Gordon filming_small

Gordon Filming


Cyprus Knees

background option 9_small

I LOVE these beautiful trees!

If it’s weren’t for the “knees”, they would topple over.

background option 10_small

See Those Knobby Knees?

background option 12_small

background option 13_small

The Beautiful Flowers and Foliage in the Springs


Hiding in the Cypress Trees Knees

alligator close to shore 1_small alligator close to shore 2_small



Look out for the Dreaded Log-O-Sauras

I love the Spanish moss_small

I do love the Spanish Moss, I think it looks rather charming and spooky at the same time.


swamp lily 2_small

See the White Flower?  It’s a Swamp Lily.


The Silver Springs Monkey’s

love this monkey_small

If you look closely you can see a female with her baby hanging on for dear life.

The babies scream a lot, but it’s really cute.

mommy and baby_small mother and baby_small

This is a troupe of about 24 monkey’s.  A few babies were among them.  They were so cute!

You know, it’s one thing to see monkey’s at the zoo, and entirely other to see them in the wild.

That’s not something that you ever forget.

monkey sitting_small

In the 1930s Colonel Tooey, a concessionaire who operated the “Jungle Cruise” boat ride, established the first troop of wild rhesus monkeys on an island in the Silver River. He planned to use the attraction of the colony as one of the sights on his Jungle Cruise, but did not know that the rhesus monkeys were excellent swimmers. They quickly escaped the island, forming their own feral troops along the river. Rhesus monkeys are still seen along the river. 

(As taken from

They are protected and tracked for their safety.  The only time that a human will intervene is when one of them is very sick and needs help.  Otherwise, they are left alone.  People are not to feed them.

baby monkey_small

The Seven Swans was filmed at Silver Springs in 1916, but it was not until 1932 that the location become popular as a filming hot-spot. It was the location for filming of Tarzan the Ape Man, featuring Johnny Weissmuller. 
  During the 1930s and early 1940s, five more of these original Tarzan movies were filmed at Silver Springs.

(As taken from the Wikipedia source listed above.)

My favorite monkey_small

My Favorite Monkey

I’m really proud of this picture but I don’t know why?  Perhaps it’s his regal profile.


Movies Filmed at Silver Springs

1932: Tarzan The Ape-Man, with Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O’Sullivan

1934: Tarzan and His Mate

1936: Tarzan Escapes

1939: Tarzan Finds A Son

1941: Tarzan’s Secret Treasure

1942: Tarzan’s New York Adventure


The Birds

bird in tree_small

Bird’s Nest up High

beautiful blue heron_small beautfiul blue heron 3_small

The Beautiful Blue Heron

blue heron 2_small blue heron_small

Blue Heron at Silver Springs_small


wood ducks_small

Wood Ducks

Hard to see, but Beautiful!

beautiful birds_small you can see the fuzzy feathers on these birds_small


The Ibis

love the cormorants_small

I Love The Cormorants

They constantly swim underwater and you will occasionally see them stick their heads above water in order to get a breath of air. 

The brave little swimmers.

water lillies_small

Water Lillies


The Creature From The Black Lagoon


Julie Adams creature_small Julie Adams mangroves_small

Julie Adams as Kay in The Creature From the Black Lagoon

Julie Adams 5_small Julie Adams 8_small

I can’t believe that Julie Adams swam with all those alligators.



Julie Adams CFTBL_small

Ben Chapman with Julie Adams

passing the Rita_small

the wreck of the Rita_small

Could this be The Rita?

Nah, too small.

the Rita 2_small The Rita for Real_small

The Rita from the movie, The Creature From the Black Lagoon

Julie was lovely_small Back in the rita from the swamp_small

Julie Adam’s was quite lovely as Kay.

Julie Adams and the creature_small creature underwater_small

Julie Adams was a very good swimmer and very athletic for her time.  I really do admire that.

I also can’t believe that the “creature” would breathe through a tube for hours underwater.  Most of the time holding his breath. 

I mean, WOW!!

the lovely Julie Adams_small

Oh, and did Julie Adams invent halter tops?  She sure did rock them!

Creature on the boat_small creature net_small

The creature climbing onto the boat.

Creature climbing onto boat

I love this movie, it is an old favorite.  How I do love the classics!

Julie Adams TCFTBL_small

I leave you with this, the lovely Julie Adams in fish net.


Our Park MENU

colliding_small here we go_small

Green, Green, and Green

Our Kayak Lunch

Swamp Mix

(To Snack On)

got the swamp minx_small

swamp mix close up_small

Chicken From The Black Lagoon Salad

I added the green food coloring to my chicken salad_small

on Pumpernickel or Deli Swirl Rye Bread

a beautiful bed of greens_small

With Some Greens

Gordon’s Creature Pasta Salad

delicious creature pasta salad_small

Swamp Fruit

Our Green Fruit Salad_small

I hate to say it but by the time Gordon started making this I was headed to BED!  We had to get up early and I needed my rest so Gordon made the “Swamp Fruit” without my photographing it. 

But it was DELICIOUS!!

Our Green Fruit Salad for lunch_small


Swamp Water

creature food_small pinkys up_small

Creature Food

(Pinky’s UP!)

Creature Lunch_small

creature pasta salad_small Creature Picnic Lunch 2_small creature picnic_small

This Ended up Being the Best Lunch

It was light, it was delicious, and it was easy.

It was a bit tricky to eat in a kayak though.  🙂

deciding where to eat_small

Maybe we should have made the sandwiches ahead of time.  🙂

Our Black Lagoon chicken salad_small


Recipes For Our ‘Creature From the Black Lagoon’ Day

Some of these recipes are very simple and we just made them look differently than they normally would in order to fit the theme.

These foods were more about creativity and not originality. 

Although Gordon did create the delicious ‘Creatures Pasta Salad’, and the ‘Swamp Fruit’ himself.

SS landing 1_small SS landing 2_small

Silver Springs Landing

look out for those gators_small

Find the Alligator! 

I think a turtle just ducked underneath the water_small

I think a turtle just ducked underneath the water.

At least I HOPE SO!


Swamp Mix

(This was my idea.)

swamp mix when finished_small

(A.K.A. Chex Party Mix)

I have to say that Chex Party Mix is probably my most favorite thing to snack on.  I also prefer to carry it with me whenever we do any sort of all day activity as it is very buttery, tangy, tasty, salty and crunchy.  Everything I love in a snack, that will keep me satisfied all day.

Chex party mix with a monster style_small

Chex Party Mix Ingredients

(Although I did end up omitting the Goldfish Crackers and the Cheez It’s.)

two different pans for this_small

I used two different pans because I wanted to make the traditional Chex Party Mix, except with an interesting twist.

traditional coating_small minus the green rice chex_small

I know that most people are familiar with the recipe but for those that aren’t, you melt about a stick of butter/margarine in a pan in the oven until melted.  Then you add your Worcestershire Sauce, I always add more than it says to because I love it so much.  Then I sprinkle in some Season All, seasoning salt.  Next, just dump into this delicious mixture a series of cereals, peanuts, pretzels, whatever you like.

Stir everything together making sure that everything is coated well, then just place in a 250F oven for about an hour.  But you do want to take it out of the oven every 15 minutes and give it a good stir so that the cereal doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan and burn.

set aside to cool_small Chex mix from oven_small

When Done Remove From Oven and Set Aside to Cool

In the batch above I withheld the Rice Chex.

I wanted to cook the Rice Chex separately.

cook rice chex seperately_small cooking the Rice Chex seperately_small

This is where the creativity comes into play.

I melted the butter in the pan in the oven, added the usual Worcestershire Sauce and seasoning salt, and then I added something special.

adding food coloring to the butter Worchestershire and season salt_small

Green Food Coloring!

coat and then cook_small close up green_small

Bake this batch the same as the other batch, then let cool.

swamp mix close up_small

Combine Both Batches

place into plastic bags_small


Place into plastic food bags and try adding a sticker. 

Childish perhaps?  Or maybe just FUN!


Swamp Water

Perfect Drink for the Occasion

Although we made sure that we had plenty of water and other sports related drinks that replenish what your body looses when your outdoors for the day, we wanted something very appropriate to drink with our canoe lunch.

remove the labels_small

Try removing the labels to show the lovely green color to these fruit and veggies drinks and you have a very nice drink for your adventure.  Be sure to add a green straw.


Black Lagoon Chicken Salad Sandwiches

This was also my idea and again, the only difference was that I added green food coloring to my chicken salad recipe.

boiling a chicken on the stove top_small

boil the chicken_small boiling the chicken 2_small

Boiling the Chicken in a Pot on the Stove Top

I bring the water to boil and simmer away, turning the chicken over a few times during cooking, until the meat is falling off the bone.  Cooking time is about 45 minutes or so on a medium-high heat.

Only then is it done.

chicken boiling_small boil the chicken until the meat is falling off the bone_small

I love how it smells and just warms up the kitchen.

remove the chicken_small

When it’s done then remove the chicken from the pot and set aside into a colander that is sitting in a bowl. 

This allows the liquid to drain and the chicken to cool.

Monk to my left_small chiken in the middle_small Sugar to my right_small

Monk to my left, Sugar to my right, and me and chicken in the middle.

Never fails, they do love chicken!

I love my chicken salad recipe because I do use an entire chicken.  I think a combination of the white and dark meat is the best. 

It is some work though because I do have to pick it apart after it is cooked, removing the bones, cartilage, fat and skin.

Next I place all the meat onto a cutting board and chop into small bite sized pieces.

freeze the broth_small

Don’t Discard the Broth

Let cool and then strain, then place into a freezer safe bowl and you have enough broth for all that Thanksgiving and Christmas cooking.


Making My Black Lagoon Chicken Salad

 Julies chicken salad sandwich ingredients for BLCS_small

I have featured my chicken salad before on our website.

I cannot even begin to give you a recipe as I don’t really measure anything.  I go by sight and taste.  It also depends on how large the chicken is that I have cooked to determine accurate measurements of the other ingredients.

chopped chicken and onions and celery_small hard boiling two eggs on the stove top_small

In the bowl at left are my chopped cooked chicken, some chopped onions, and some chopped celery.

The photo at right is of my hard boiled eggs that I add to the chicken salad.  I always add 2.

I then just add mayonnaise to coat the chicken, then some yellow mustard for taste, some freshly ground black pepper, about 7 – 10 dashes of Tabasco Sauce, some pickle relish, my hard boiled eggs chopped, and a few teaspoons of some really sweet pickle juice for taste.

I added the green food coloring to my chicken salad_small

When you have combined all of your ingredients then add the


a beautiful bed of greens_small

A beautiful Bed of Greens and some Pumpernickel Rye Bread is Perfect for the Green Chicken Salad


Gordon’s Creature Pasta Salad

Gordons Creature Pasta Salad ingredients_small

My inspiration was the bug pasts, then I wanted everything to be green and still taste good.  It turned out to be mainly Italian items and tasted great!

The Ingredients:

1 package Bug Pasta

1 package Spinach Fettuccine Pasta

1 chopped Poblano Pepper

1 chopped in rings Banana Pepper

1/2 can Green Olives

1 jar grilled Artichoke Hearts chopped

1 jar marinated Artichoke Hearts chopped

2 Tbsp Pesto

3 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 Tbsp Balsamic Vinegar

1/2 cup Parmesan, Romano and Asiago Cheese mixed

zest of 1 Lemon

juice of 1 Lemon

2 Tbsp chopped Chives

2 Tbsp chopped Basil

Pepper to taste

You will notice I didn’t add any extra salt as the cheeses and pesto added plenty.

Crazy Bugs pasta shapes_small Spinach Fettucine_small

Bug Shaped Pasta and Spinach Fettuccine

The Bug Pasta Shapes were my idea and everything else revolved around them.

The Crazy Bugs are Macaroni and Cheese, but we only wanted them for the bug shaped pasta, we didn’t use the cheese.

Fresh herbs and Pablano and Banana Peppers_small

 Fresh Herbs from our Garden and Poblano and Banana Peppers

Gordon hollowed out the peppers_small slicing one into strips_small

Gordon hollowed out the banana pepper but cutting off the top and removing the insides.  This will allow him to cut the pepper into ovals.

Originally, Gordon wanted the Poblano pepper cut into strips, but realized small chunks would work better in this.

slicing the other into rings_small

Banana Pepper Rings

Gordon sliced the poblamo peppers into small chunks_small

Chopped Poblano Peppers

boil the pasta from the Crazy Bugs Mac and Cheese_small boil seperately the spinach fettucine_small

Boiling Both Our Pastas on the Stove Top

Our Crazy Bugs in one, Our Spinach Fettuccine in Another

boiling the pastas on the stove top_small

While the pastas are cooking, Gordon is combining our peppers into a bowl.

place your peppers into a bowl_small

jarred pesto_small jarred pesto 2_small

Gordon Adding the Pesto

jarred pesto 3_small jarred pesto stirring_small

Stir Around

meanwhile the pastas are ready_small

Time to Drain the Pasta into Colanders

drain into a colander_small now dump in the bugs pasta_small

Let Drain

spinach fettucine in the colander_small let drain_small

Stir Together

stir together to mix_small

now add your pastas_small combining all the ingredients together by stirring_small

Now Add Both Your Pastas to the Peppers and Pesto

drain your olives_small now add the olives to the pastas_small

Drain a can of olives, then add to the pasta mixture

We wanted the olives whole instead of chopped, we thought in a way they looked like eyes.

grilled artichoke hearts drained_small now chop the artichoke hearts into bite sized chunks_small

Gordon drained a jar of grilled artichoke hearts, and a jar of marinated artichoke hearts.

add chopped artichoke to pastas_small

Chopped them up into bite sized pieces, then added them to the pastas.

Gordon adding some olive oil to the pastas_small adding some balsamic vinegar to the pastas_small

Here Gordon is adding some olive oil and some balsamic vinegar.

grate some fresh lemon into the bowl_small also the juice of half a lemon_small

Grate in some lemon zest and the juice of a whole lemon.

now some freshly ground pepper to the pastas_small

Grating in some freshly ground black pepper

a sprinkling of Parmesan Romano and Asiago cheeses_small

This is a sprinkling of Parmesan, Romano, and Asiago Cheeses.

next come the herbs_small adding more herbs_small

Now Come the Herbs

chopping the basil for the pastas_small adding the chopped basils to the pastas_small

Chopping Green and Purple Basil from our Garden

chop the chives very small_small adding the chives to our pastas_small

Chopping the Chives and Adding to Our Pastas

kind of looks like seaweed_small

Kohlrabi Lettuce

This will make a great bed for this pasta salad.

delicious creature pasta salad_small

Delicious Creature Pasta Salad



We also stopped off at Ross Allen Reptile Institute in Silver Springs as well.

It is now closed.  But I do remember this.  My friend Lynn wouldn’t sit on the turtle but I wasn’t afraid to. 

These things you remember.  🙂

Julie riding a turtle 1967

Julie on the Tortoise



on the way home_small

On The Way Home……

Hot, Sweaty, Got Rained On……

What a great day!

Julie and Gordon