Halloween Libations and Spirits

Halloween Libations and Spirits

(We will be updating as soon as ghostly possible)

Come in for a Spell


Have a Hauntingly Macabre Halloween…

full of Chilling Spirits

Looking for something to scare up for those of the Living, Dead, and Undead, on this

All Hallow’s Eve?

Then don’t be a scaredy cat, look no further than here, show your true spirit and you shall enter………..IF YOU DARE!


A Ghost Toast

From Ghoulies and Ghosties

and Long Legged Beasties

and Things that go Bump in the Night….



Dragon’s Spit Cocktail with Tongue

Dragon spit and tongue cocktails_small

Dragon spit with tongue_small Dragons tongue_small

option 5_small

Dragon’s Tongue from two Dead Mini-Dragons

Dragon Our cocktail ingredients_small


Cherry Brandy – 1 Shot

Dragon Berry Bacardi – 2 Shots

Pomegranate Cranberry Juice – 4 Shots

Grenadine Syrup – 2 Tbsp

3 Ice Cubes

Garnish – 1 Sapota Fruit in Syrup (Tongue)

Dragon ingredients 2_small Dragon drink_small

Place all your cocktail ingredients into a cocktail shaker or vintage ice crusher as we did here, and mix well.

Dragon drink 2_small

Cut a small wedge on the underside of the fruit, so it will rest on the glass and look as though it is lapping up the drink.

Pour the chilled drink into a cocktail glass and garnish with a slice of Sapota fruit!  (Can be found at any Asian grocery store.)

Dragon tongue fruit in syrup_smalloption 6_small

Happy Haunting!


“What’s life without a few dragons?”  Ron Weasley


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