Dessert, Anyone?

I made a Fruit Salad yesterday and I was just fixing to spoon some over a nice Pound Cake I bought.

Would you care to join me?



There is nothing prettier to me in the Spring and Summer than Fruit.

All the pretty bright colors, tastes, and textures.  I also love nothing more than to create some delicious Fruit Salad to either eat by itself, or spooned over some Pound Cake or Angel Food Cake.  It makes an excellent light lunch, or a nice dessert for a hot and humid Southern evening.  It’s cool, refreshing, sweet and nourishing.

Here is something I whipped up that I would like to share with you.



I wasn’t going for some stunning presentation. 

I just wanted to use the fruits and flavors that I loved best.

Here are my Ingredients for this delicious Fruit Salad:





Green Seedless Grapes



Honeydew Melon


Red Seedless Grapes

Yellow Dragon Fruit

Lime Juice

Chia Seeds


Mango Juice

Fresh Mint

(NOTE:  The dark berries such as the Blueberry’s and Blackberry’s tend to stain and take over the salad with it’s dark color.  If you want your fruit salad to show it’s natural colors then I would eliminate those berry’s.)


Of course the first thing that you want to do is to wash all of your fruits and allow them to dry.

Removing the stems from my Strawberries and slicing them lengthwise.

  I wanted them to look like hearts. 

Washing my Berries

(Washing Raspberries can cause them to go soggy but I did anyway.  But you can use a wet paper towel and wipe each individual berry if you like.)

Peeling My Kiwi

Ready to Slice and Add to Bowl


A leftover fruit salad that I had in the refrigerator I decided to add to this salad. 

I’m also squeezing some lime juice in as well.


Adding the Green Grapes

Yellow Dragon Fruit

I just sliced the fruit in half and scooped out the seeds and pulp. 

You can eat the seeds the fruit is quite tasty.

Now it’s time to add the Chia Seeds, Honey and some Mango Juice.

I just eyeballed how many of the Chia Seeds and Fresh Mint that I wanted and then stirred together.


I then placed all of my fruit into a jar and refrigerated overnight just so all the flavors could meld together.


The next day I removed my jar of fruit from the refrigerator and I poured the juice from the jar into a small saucepan to heat up on the stove top to thicken.  It was convenient to have the two holes at the top of my jar, it made for easy pouring.


I kept the juice on a medium heat just to get it boiling a bit so it would thicken up and made a nice syrup.

I bought a plain Pound Cake from the grocery store and sliced it…..


I then drizzled some of the syrupy juice over a few slices of the Pound Cake…..

I then spooned over the delicious fruits.

Beautiful and Delicious

Dessert, Anyone?



Have a sweet day!