Asian Edible Gifts

Asian Edible Gifts


Welcome to Asian Edible Gift ideas

The Asian cultures are so beautiful and just full of history and traditions.  Everything they do seems to be tied to the past.  I like and respect that.  The Asian cultures play a big role in how we eat, decorate, and live. 

On this page are some Asian Edible Gifts that we want to share with you and maybe inspire you to try something similar.

Not everything on this page did we make ourselves.  But this page is also about edible gift ideas that you can put together yourself and give and enjoy.

Thank you for your support,

Julie and Gordon


Moon Cake

Just visit your Asian store near you and pick up a Moon Cake.  Beautiful tin, beautiful gift bag and lovely card.  Who wouldn’t want a Moon Cake for any occasion? 


The Perfect card!


Rice Crackers on a lovely Japanese plate make a very nice edible gift. 

Just add a little umbrella and it instantly become Asian.


Rice Krispy Sushi Gifts








  Wouldn’t you love to receive this beautiful and tasty treat?




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Gordon and I first made these for our nieces in Ireland a few years ago.  Kate, like me adores the Asian cultures and Lola was very much into Hello Kitty at the time, they both loved Rice Krispy Treats so we combined all their loves and sent them a few tins of these.  We even included some bamboo chopsticks and some cute Chinese food napkins that we got at one of our favorite take out restaurants.  I included a card on some ‘sushi stationary’ and even made some cute gift tags of stickers bought at a craft store.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


I went shopping for some Asian tins to deliver the Rice Krispie sushi in.
I had a few of my own but I also found some nice ones at a local thrift store and I bought the cute rabbit tin from a seller that lives in Thailand.

Vintage Asian Tins


Making the Rice Krispie Treats

We just used the recipe on the box of Rice Krispies.  We did double it and added one special ingredient, caramels.












Caramels added to Rice Krispie treats give it a nice taste.  

Here are some goodies that we used to create the look of the sushi.  Some fruit roll-ups, some Swedish fish, gummy French fries, Twizzlers, and other gummy goodies.











We used some sushi molds for making the Rice Krispie treat sushi.  Photo at right, melting the butter.

Keep a can of cooking oil spray on hand.  It comes in handy when dealing with the sticky mixture.  You can spray your fingers with the oil as well to help in molding the ‘sushi’.




   Gordon adds marshmallows to the melted margarine.
Melting the marshmallows at right.

Now add about 25 caramels to the melted marshmallows.













Now pour the melted marshmallows over the Rice Krispies.  The caramels give the mixture such a nice rich color.

 Spread some out on a ‘clean sheet’ on your counter.  Or some wax paper.  It will be cut to make the sushi that isn’t in molds.  Keep some of the mixture in the bowl to use to place in the sushi molds. 




     Here Gordon is adding the mixture
to some of our molds.




Gordon inserted some Twizzlers to the center of one of the molds and added the Rice Krispie mix
around it.

Waiting to be decorated.



Wrapping a fruit roll-up around a sushi nori.

Add some sparkling gel frosting.



  Then add some sprinkles and you have a lovely sushi nori. 
If need be, use some of the frosting to secure the fruit roll-up.
                                                                     HELLO KITTY!
Hello Gordon!
Top off with some Swedish fish, wrap with some fruit roll-ups, add some Twizzlers, gummy French fries, and then you have you’re sushi.