Our Kitchen and Nook

Our Kitchen and Nook


Aloha from Paradise_small

Aloha from Paradise

(A sign in my kitchen above my sink.)

Our lovely crystal glasses_small

Crystal Glasses Hanging, Lights Reflecting


can I stack dishes or what_smallkitchen stacking option_small

Dishes Stacked 3 Feet high, Pot Rack w/ Dangling Pots Hang 3 Feet Low

balancing act_small

I do have this knack for stacking dishes and pots.  🙂

A Slab of Salt, Sea Shell Frames with Precious Photos, Shell Cocktail Set….


Welcome to My Nook!

I am Julie Lancaster-Whann, I live in Florida.


An old beat up sconce I bought at a thrift store that houses my candle…

Sea Horses Swimming by…

A vintage picture frame that I spray painted white and use as a ceiling fan medallion…

Two different colored chandelier cord covers..

The sea shell chandelier that I made myself…

My Two Favorite Wine Glasses

My Lighted Upper Shelf

My Cluttered Cabinet

There is nothing neatly stacked in this cabinet.  Everything has just been placed inside in no particular order and that’s how I like it.  My life is casual, things aren’t neatly stacked anywhere.  Well, maybe in the Dining Room.  But then again, things are supposed to be more orderly in a formal setting.  My NOOK however, is not formal.

My Kitchen Nook to me, is many things. 


It’s where I display some of my collections….

It’s where I can sit and work on projects.

The chandelier that I made here now hangs above that table.

Click Here for:  Julie’s Beachy Crafts


My Nook used to be the olive green, above.  Now it is a very pretty blue and white.

It’s a place where I can sit and make cookies to give as gifts. 

This is where I am my most creative.

Veronicas ceramic pelican_small

The Ceramic Pelican my daughter Veronica made for me, it hangs here.

My yard sale purse_smallBeautiful dolphins_small

The Purse my husband Gordon bought for me at a yard sale for 50 cents.

The pretty mirror I glued many sea shells to that hangs on the wall, and that I am taking selfie’s in.  🙂

See the curtains? 

Those are vintage tablecloths and place mats.

The Shelving that Houses Special Things

Beautiful Asian Dishes….

Lots and Lots of Pretty Lights….

I can thank Nigella Lawson for introducing me to little lights everywhere.


The Kitchen Sink

I am probably the only person alive that likes to wash dishes. 

I say this because I have a nice collection of lovely things that I enjoy using and eating off of. 

I also find the warm soapy water very therapeutic.

I Especially Love Asian Ware

An Asian Hat Filled with Tasty Treats


What I Love the Most

My Fountain

The View I Have Outside My Nook

(I wouldn’t trade it for anything.)



Pretty Fountain

 My Favorite Spot in the Whole World

Everyone needs a “Happy Place.”

Where is Yours?