Alfred Hitchcock Appreciation Page

Alfred Hitchcock Appreciation Page



Alfred Hitchcock Appreciation Page

Alfred Joseph Hitchcock

August 13, 1899 – April 29, 1980


Gordon Carved This Pumpkin

Mr. Hitchcock

I first saw the movie, The Birds, when I was 6 years old and fell in love with “suspense”, and no one does suspense like Alfred Hitchcock.   I then wanted to see other movie’s that he had made.  That led to me discovering my most favorite movie of all time, Rear Window, starring Jimmy Stewart, Grace Kelly, Thelma Ritter and Raymond Burr.  I also adored all of the beautiful leading ladies in all of Hitchcock’s films.  Known as the “cool blondes”.  Tippi Hedren, Grace Kelly, Kim Novak, Eva Marie Saint, Ingrid Bergman, not to mention the handsome men, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart and Rod Taylor (my favorite leading man.)

“I would do anything in the world to find myself inserted into a Hitchcock movie, AND LIVE!”
                                            Julie Lancaster-Whann 



I Heart Hitch

(I carved it myself)

Thank you for scaring the hell out of me!

Happiness to me is an Alfred Hitchcock marathon of all his movies one after the other.  Especially around Halloween.  No one puts me in the mood for a good “murder” like he does.  (I don’t mean that literally.)
Hitchcock Like Me, Loved Halloween


Gordon and I made these wine glasses ourselves.


 August 13, is Alfred Hitchcock’s Birthday

Mine was February 13th.

This was my birthday cake.  So I would like to share it with Hitch.

Happy Birthday Mr. Hitchcock!

My 54th. Birthday, 2015

My Alfred Hitchcock Birthday Cake and Chocolates

Gordon painted the Alfred Hitchcock face on the top of the cake with some chocolate frosting.  He is an excellent artist, though untrained.

Both Alfred and I have the number 13 as our birth date.  Us 13-ers,  are not superstitious people, we embrace what everyone else is afraid of and know that it is harmless and fun.


It’s just not a Friday the 13th. birthday without a fog machine.
This birthday is inspired by our niece’s play that we recently saw in Orlando,  Alfred Hitchcock’s, The 39 Steps.

The 39 Steps, 1935

 Starring Robert Donat and Madelaine Carroll in Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps

So, Happy 54 to me!


Let’s Eat, Drink and Be Scary!

Celebrate the day, don’t be afraid of it!

Smile when that black cat crosses your path.  She just might bring you good luck.  It’s all in our minds anyway.

Stamp Debuted on August 3, 1998 as part of the
Legends of Hollywood series.
Alfred Hitchcock
Producer, Actor, Writer, Director

The 39 Steps


The photo above right is the original Alfred Hitchcock movie poster from 1935, starring Robert Donat and Madeline Carroll.  It is just a copy.  I also gave Kelcy our niece, one as a souvenir of her performance.

Above is my photo of Madeleine Carroll taken as she was getting off a train.  My little piece of memorabilia.  Her autograph.  It is dated February 14, 1939.


The 39 Steps

Take 1.


Kelcy Choplin

(our niece)

Starring in Alfred Hitchcock’s

The 39 Steps

Veronica and Brian outside the building in Kissimmee, Florida.

As a huge Alfred Hitchcock fan, as well as a huge Kelcy fan, we thoroughly enjoyed the play.  Everyone did an exceptional job.  The cast was very impressive.


The 39 Steps Cast Billboard

Gordon, with his Niece Kelcy


Kelcy is just one of those people that are so genuinely nice and friendly.  She is loaded with personality, talent, and the girl has got skills!

Gordon, Julie, and Veronica and Brian….

…..enjoying our Intermission Wine.


Now for the highlights of Alfred Hitchcock’s, The 39 Steps

At The Theater

My Thrift Store Opera Glasses

I also took photo stills from the DVD movie that we have to show you the original as a comparison.

Hannay and Pamela


Kelcy played 3 roles in the production.

Kelcy as Annabella Schmidt


Kelcy as Annabella Schmidt with a knife in her back.


Lucie Mannheim plays Miss Smith. 

I can only assume that Miss Smith’s original name in the story was Annabella Schmidt.

Miss Smith with a knife in her back.


On The Train

Kelcy as Pamela
Pamela Getting Hannay Arrested
Being Questioned By The Police
Handcuffed Together
The Thugs
Pamela and Hannay Getting Arrested
Kelcy Cracking Up Laughing, Left
Kelcy Signing the Book for a Room at the Lodge, Right
After Having Escaped The Police
Ready to Get Some Sleep
Pamela Removing Her Stockings
In Bed

Kelcy as Margaret


Happily Ever After

The End


I Got On This Guy’s Nerves (Sorry)  🙁

The four of us were sitting on the first row.  We had the far right four seats with me sitting second from the end.  And me, being the photographer that I am, proceeded to take a few hundred photos of our niece and everyone in the play.  I didn’t use a flash but my camera does project a low light before it snaps the photos.  So yes, there is some light that does emmenate from my camera.  I think that my snapping away during the entire production got on the nerves of this guy as he let me know that he was aware of me.  🙂

After the play Kelcy told us that they were asking ‘who is that woman taking all those pictures?’  Kelcy assured them that it’s just her aunt.  (I’m pretty sure she said, ‘That’s just my Crazy Aunt.)” 

After the play while we were in the car driving to Disney Springs to find somewhere to eat, I was downloading all the photos I took onto my laptop and then to a thumb drive that I bought for Kelcy.  Then when we were at the restaurant I presented it to Kelcy.  She told us I was getting on the nerves of some of the actors in the play.  However, when Kelcy downloaded the photos on to her laptop when she got home.  And then uploaded them all to Facebook…. I then heard how everyone loves them and were sharing them back and forth with each other. 

Now, they all have many photos to remember the play that they all did together.  Perhaps some of my photos made it into their acting portfolio’s.  (You are very welcome!)  🙂


After the play Gordon and I took everyone out for dinner to Disney Springs.

What a great day that it was.  🙂


I had been planning an Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window Halloween for years.  Finally it came to fruition.

Here is the start of the project.

The most important scene for me is when Lisa Freemont, played by Grace Kelly, arrives at her boyfriend L.B. Jeffries (Jeff) home, played by Jimmy Stewart.  Jeff is in a leg cast because he had an accident taking an award winning picture, he is a professional photographer/journalist who travels the world taking pictures.

Lisa Freemont, played by Grace Kelly, works in the fashion industry in New York City.  She is very high class with high connections.  The ‘Belle of the Ball’ so to speak.  (I can relate to this in the fact that I too studied fashion merchandising in college).

My Formal Gloves From High School

As in the photo above, Grace is wearing her gloves, just like all ladies did.  Pictured above are my gloves from a formal ball that I attended when I was 15 and living in Sevierville, Tennessee.  My then boyfriend was quarterback for the high school football team and he was being presented.  As his date it was up to me to dress accordingly.

My Inspiration

My Grace Kelly Rear Window doll, tons of fabrics, trim, vintage black clutch purse……

I Found Great Vintage Patterns

The skirt is the main thing.  I found some great old vintage patterns.

My Grace Kelly Notions

This project was very exciting.  I wanted to do this skirt justice.

This is something else that Gordon and I wanted to recreate.

The Lobster Dinner

If we can just figure out exactly what is with the lobster?


Happy Birthday Hitch!


Alfred Hitchcock with Grace Kelly and Cary Grant on the set of,

To Catch a Thief.

The 13th. of this month is Alfred Hitchcock’s birthday.

As a fellow birthday lover of the number 13,

Happy Birthday Hitch!

Your greatest fan ever,


p.s.  Who would have ever dreamed that a short, fat, bald man would have such an influence over my life?


 Edith Head

Hitchcock would not have been as successful a director and film maker if it were not for his partnership with the very talented and Academy Award winning designer, Edith Head.

She designed and dressed the many lovely Hitchcock heroines in his films.  Most notably, Grace Kelly and Tippi Hedren.  Hitchcock knew that clothing played a vital role in his movies.  He would draw focus to a handbag, or a hat and gloves, he knew clothing and accessories were important.  Talented Edith Head would emphasize that.



Edith Head Sketch of Melanie Daniels Coat in The Birds

Tippi Hedren’s Green Suit Designed by Edith Head

The green suit was a very important part of The Birds, if you look the love birds that Tippi Hedren’s character, Melanie Daniels is bringing to Mitchell Brenner’s sister Cathy, are green, same color as the suit and the new love birds, Mitch and Melanie, Tippi Hedren and Rod Taylor.


My Green Suit

  Me, as Melanie Daniels one Halloween

The beautiful green vintage suit.  My version of Melanie’s green suit.

The Coat and Accessories

My Version

Photo below:  Melanie Daniels carrying the love birds to Mitch’s apartment.


She also wrote, Dress for Success by Edith Head














Her name was always listed on the credits of most every Alfred Hitchcock movie. I am one of those that sits there and reads those credits after a movie ends.  I knew her name long before I knew who she was.



Rear Window
Dress Rehearsal

Me, as Grace Kelly in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window

I hired my own dressmaker to create my version of The Skirt in Rear Window

worn by Grace Kelly in the photo above.

I would say that Grace outdid me.

THE Skirt

I hired a dressmaker to make this skirt for me.  Here is her sketch that she drew.  Mona is quite talented.  I feel as if I have found my own Edith Head.

Mona of Signature Tailor of Tampa

11901 Sheldon Road

Tampa, Florida  33626

This is the cutest dress shop/alterations store around and in the cutest little strip mall.  I will definitely be back.


Beautiful Grace

I’m having such a hard time getting up the enthusiasm to pack away my lovely vintage Alfred Hithcock’s Rear Window, Grace Kelly, props and accessories.  Not to mention the little Halloween pumpkins and crows that I’ve thrown into the mix.  To me when Halloween is over it is to others what the day after Christmas feels like.

It’s over, until next year.

Hmmmm.  I’m already contemplating next years Halloween.

What about Dial M for Murder?  Or Vertigo?  Or The Man that Knew Too Little?  Oh wait, that’s a Bill Murray movie.  Oh!  What about The Man that Knew Too Much?

I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.

Good Even -ing,


Oooo, what about The Lady Vanishes?  Uh, North by Northwest?

Oh, I know!  Psycho!

Nah, Gordon would like that one too much.


My Vintage Movie Posters

 Movie posters didn’t use to be as large as they are today.  Some were as small as 11 x 16 inches.  Here are some of my Alfred Hitchcock movie reproductions.










The Birds Halloween Candy















Hitchcock and Spring Rolls

(Everything goes with Hitchcock)


Full Day!

Got hungry in the car.  Asian spicy chicken rolls to snack on and Alfred Hitchcock’s movie music to listen to so that I can feel as if I am in an Alfred Hitchcock movie ALL THE TIME!! 


Alfred Hitchcock and Asian Spring Rolls

Who knew the two went together??



Good Evening,