Pumpkin Carvings

Pumpkin Carvings

Carving Pumpkin’s is easy and fun to do!

 Halloween is just around the corner and we are getting excited for American Dad!

Option1(1)You can see were I, Gordon, decided to cut all the way through the pumpkin to let the light shine through and where I simply carved lines just past the skin of the pumpkin.  Using a slanted cut following the line, as in cut from the right, then cut from the left and the blade meeting in the middle does well for this.  I used a paring knife to do this.



Click Here For:  American Dad Halloween

Gordon and Julie as Stan and Francine Smith


Below, you can see my Hitchcock dual face pumpkin.  I used two black and white pictures which I found online and just carved out the areas which were white.  I combined the relief pic and the known cartoon side view.  You can easily trace the pictures by taping the pic to the pumpkin then use a thumbtack or toothpick to poke the holes around the area you want to carve out. 

Alfred Hitchcock pumpkin.jpg

Be sure to use a sharp knife when carving out or carving off the section you need.  I then carved another pumpkin from another picture I found on the internet.  This combined some relief and carving.  It looked better a few days earlier, but you can still recognize who it is…I hope.

Click Here For:  Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds


Below is one I did the same way, but used a picture of some sea turtles. 

I feel it’s one of my best.

 Beachy Halloween

  I also like my Alfred Hitchcock pumpkins because they show a relief, and the classic profile also the use of shading.

Alfred Hitchcock pumpkin.jpg

With my next Alfred Hitchcock pumpkin the use of shading is used in a different way.


Below is one of my latest carvings in which the movie The Mummy was our theme.  Here I used the poster to get the image I wanted.

Gordon Mummy Pumpkin_smallThe Mummy Pumpkin_smallThe Mummy

Click Here For:  How to Carve a Pumpkin

By clicking on the link above Gordon demonstrates how he carved The Mummy pumpkin and how you can carve any pumpkin that you like.


Backyard Pumpkin Carving

Getting pictures which are in black and white are the best types to use.  Be sure to keep the picture close when carving to use as a reference.  You can better see the typical Hitchcock side view I used in this photo.

We decided that it would be fun to set up an outside backyard pumpkin carving.  The “table” is a tall bench that Gordon made for our “The Birds” themed photo shoot. 


Backyard Halloween Pumpkin Carving Puu-Puu’s



                                                                                                                                                                                    A special Key Lime and Orange Juice drink, Nice red grapes, Sandwiches and cookies in the shapes of pumpkins and ghosts.

Also delicious citrus popcorn.  I just grated some key lime zest, and orange zest over the popcorn and it gave them such a unique taste here.

Citrus popcorn at left and Julie ready to get started, at right.

Gordon eager to start on his pumpkin.

Graphics and Carving Tools

Carving tools that we have collected over the years.



    Julie’s Great-Grandfather’s chair, at right.

           I love this chair. 


Gordon carving his Alfred Hitchcock pumpkin.

My pumpkin. Eye Heart Hitch!

Love the fog machine!

Tip:  If drinking wine or any sugared substance outside then wrap it in Saran Wrap and place a straw into the middle of it.  Keeps the bugs at bay!


Here is one Julie creatively made which doesn’t require any carving… just nice shells and a hot glue gun!


Our Beachy Pumpkin


Beachy Halloween

Sea Turtles Swimming

The darker it gets, the better the pumpkin looks!


Click Here For:  Beachy Halloween

 Click on the link above for our Beachy Halloween


The Dogs

It just wouldn’t be a good time without the puggies!! 

Monk and Sugar

First thing Monk did when he came outside was to urinate on the fog machine. 

That’s our Monk.  His face just says it all!  Funniest dog we ever knew.

Happy Halloween!

Julie and Gordon


RIP Monk 2019, RIP Sugar 2017

We will miss you forever.