Julie Diamond in the Junq Shoppe

Julie Diamond in the Junq Shoppe

(Due to unexpected home renovations we have decided to postpone our grand opening until Summer/Fall 2018.)

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Julie Diamond in the Junq Shoppe

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This shoppe is for those unique individuals that are able to see what others don’t seem to notice until it’s pointed out to them.  Those that have an eye for something special that just seem to elude the rest. 

Those who can literally spot a ‘Diamond in the Junq’. 

Granted beauty does all boil down to opinion but there are just some out there that can make a piece of trash into a treasure and it is to that crowd to whom I am speaking.

My Shoppe Contains New, Used, Vintage, Clothing, Antiques and maybe even a little bit of Junq.


So sit back and have a cup of coffee and an eclair while you so do some online browsing. 

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You might even find something that you just can’t live without.

coffee and eclairs with Julie_small Julie black dress squared_small


Julie Diamond/Junq Closet

Julie store dresses closet_small Julie store closet_small love this vintage dress_small

   Stay Tuned for the Grand Opening of Julie Diamond in the Junq Shoppe

Julie and Sugar_small

Julie Wearing a Vintage Bridesmaid Dress

With Sugar


Here is a sample of some of the clothing that I have in my shoppe.

AT pantsuit_small LK Dress_small dress amd skirt outfit_small

Ann Taylor, Laurence Kazar, Liz Claiborne

and many, many more….

Tea sandwiches shoppe_small

Tea sandwich while you browse?

channeling Marilyn_small

Trying to channel Marilyn in a vintage bridesmaid dress.

(The bodice could have fit about 5 of me inside of it.  Must have belonged to Barbie.)


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